Super-Easy Start Up Business

Affordable, Safe Gutter & High Ceiling Cleaning

Starting at $199 Month - Apply Now

Super-Easy Start Up Business

Affordable, Safe Gutter & High Ceiling Cleaning

Starting at $199 Month - Apply Now

Gutter Cleaning

What would you like to change about your career?

Are you unhappy at your current job? Have you recently rotated out of your job because you can’t imagine doing it for any longer? Have you been laid off? Tired of sitting behind a desk? Are you bored at your job? Are you retired and looking for something new & lucrative to do? 

Would you simply like some part-time work to supplement your current income? Would you like to meet new people, engage with life-long customers and get outdoors?

Why we chose gutter cleaning. (and high-ceiling cleaning)

We have worked with all types of people in different situations but one common theme always comes up….starting a business from scratch can be a daunting task. We also struggled with all the different steps that need to be taken to get a new business started. There is a lot to do…branding, advertising, marketing, equipment, financing, insurance, sales & operations, customer retention & quality assurance among others.

The world is a big place and there are so many ways to make money. We found traditional gutter cleaning to be dangerous because of ladders and risky to the business owner and the customer.  So when we found a SAFER way to clean gutters we realized that this business is a great way to get started making money very quickly and decided to share with you.

Why? With the correct tools and some guidance has everything packaged into a nice little “business in a box” and will walk you through all of the details from starting your brand all the way to closing your first sale. 

We’ll make it easy.

We’ve already been through all the steps, gathered all the resources, spoken to industry experts and partnered with the equipment manufacturers. was conceived by the US Distributor for SkyVac USA to help others enter into this business. We have neatly packaged everything you need to know into our program in order to get started cleaning gutters (or high ceilings) for the lowest initial, out-of-pocket monthly investment.

For as low as *$199.00 month you can be up-and-running in your business within days. We’ve simplified the process. We’ve provided all the resources you need…there’s even a checklist to walk you through it.

We’ve put all this together in one place at This includes:


*Licenses & Requirements

*Insurance Information



*Best Practices





  • Finance application approval required, flexible 24, 36, 48 & 60 month terms, easy approval lease, 10% buyout, Relaxed approval process insures majority of applicants are approved (some exceptions)


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